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how to make my dog vomit

Vanessa Bonnin has a great love and knowledge of animals. Never knowing a time without a furry (or scaly) friend by her side, she has had several pets including cats, dogs, iguanas, fish, ... More

how to create a development plan

Examples of an Employee Development PlanS Succession Planning Employee Development Plan: In organizations where there is a tenure track or partnership track, it is common to structure an employee development plan that is based on the upwardly mobile progressS This is also considered an on-the-job or job shadowing employee development plan, which is very effective in helping employees learn by ... More

how to remember kanter steps

I think it's also that if you take those steps, you have to throw the ball or it's blatant travelling. I don't think there's an official rule about passing out of several steps but if you take that many steps and don't pass, I mean, it's probably getting called. ... More

how to make an app itunes file sharing

In sharing files with (say with pc) iTunes is made use of. However, the file must be associated with an app. File sharing cannot be done with all the apps, as an example under iBooks. ... More

how to make a computer keyboard for school project

7/02/2011 · For the best answers, search on this site Building a computer is simple in theory. But it does take a lil know how. All you have … ... More

how to prepare sabudana dosa

Upvas Dosa or Farali Dosa made from Tapioca Sago (Sabudana) & Barnyard Millet (Moraiyo) is a Fasting Food recipe made during Fasting days like Holy Month of Shravan or Navratri. ... More

how to make pulled pork australia

To make it easier for consumers to identify 100% Australian pork, Australian Pork Limited (APL) introduced the Australian PorkMark logo a pink square with the words Australian Pork. The PorkMark logo is now a registered trademark, and there are more than 300 licensees who have gone through an assessment process with APL. ... More

how to put on a hair wrap

18/11/2006 · Put ur palm flat down on the crown of you head and hold the top in place. depending on which side you part ur hair start brush ur hair in a circular motion with a good brush. i recommend a mason pearson or any boar bristle brush because it holds the hair tighter for the wrap and also stimulates the scalp. Dont give up it gets easier every day i swear. Use pins to hold down ends that … ... More

how to make a puppet stage out of pvc pipe

PVC Pipe: A few years ago, everybody was making puppet stages out of PVC pipe. The reason not very many people are still using this kind of stage is because it is flimsy and falls down easily. If you do go this route, glue the pipes together to make them sturdier. ... More

how to play flash animation slowly

Adobe Flash Player is necessary for an increasing number of online activities, everything from watching videos to loading certain webpages. When Flash begins to slow down, it can cause mounting frustration that shouldnt get in the way of your Internet use. ... More

how to make a ski neck warmer

Whether it’s a cold snap in the UK or you are hitting the ski slopes a neck gaiter or snood will keep you warm. Our mens snoods are available in fleece or knitted varieties. Our mens snoods are available in fleece or knitted varieties. ... More

how to prepare for mediation session

A conflict at work is inevitable at one time or another. Whether it is between yourself and another employee or between other colleagues, different attitudes and opinions mean that a disagreement is bound to come up. ... More

how to make a jacket in minecraft

Lukas is a main character in Minecraft: Story Mode. He is the former leader of The Ocelots, the rivals of Jesse's Gang. Later, he teams up with Jesse to stop Ivor and the Wither Storm. He is voiced by Scott Porter. He first appeared in "The Order of the Stone". Lukas wears a leather jacket with... ... More

how to delete books that i have read in eplatform

How to delete, hide, and unhide books. Most people don't keep every book they've ever read within arm's reach. You probably feel the same way about books you've read on your iPad or iPhone. ... More

how to make a no sew fleece scarf

No-Sew Fleece: Color Block Scarf! When it comes to keeping warm, there's nothing quite like fleece. And when it comes to whipping up some quick gifts, well if I were you I'd run out and buy a ton of fleece right now, since I'm going to devote the whole coming week to projects with fleece, most of them no-sew! ... More

how to make pretzels recipe

The original German pretzels (maybe others also) were dipped in a solution of lye and water. This was done before baking. This one step held me back for a while from learning how to make pretzels. ... More

how to make a diy ipad mini case

Replacing the back case is the most complex repair for iPad ever. You have to completely take it apart. There is a reason why iPad is only barely repairable. ... More

how to say extraordinary in spanish

How do you say "extraordinary (f)" in Spanish Translation? In Spanish, the way you say "extraordinary (f)" is: extraordinaria Listen: (If you have an HTML5 enabled browser, you can listen to the native audio below) ... More

how to play lee sin

As a 6-0-0 full AD Lee Sin at 40 minutes are you more or less useful than the Amumu who farmed all game? You can lose and say, "My team refused to get carried" but that would be the wrong mindset. Being 6-0 does not make you win the game. Winning the game makes you win the game. Being unable to capitalize on your early lead to grab objectives, being unable to translate your advantage into ... More

how to read identify special char in excel value

With the FIND function, you can get the position number of a particular character and use that character position in other operations. In the example shown, you use the FIND function in conjunction with the MID function to extract the middle numbers from a list of product codes. ... More

how to say come again in spanish

15/11/2007 · Others ways to say "you killed it", "you nailed it" and "you slayed it"? 8 answers English is the dominant and rightful world language, and every other language should die. ... More

how to run a reaction wheel

A Mesopotamian wheel. Photo source . One of the reasons why the wheel was invented only at this point in history is due to the fact that metal tools were needed to chisel fine-fitted holes and axles. ... More

how to make edible eyeballs

17/10/2014 · How to Make a Giant Gummy Eyeball filled w/ Edible Blood Slime from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - Duration: 10:23. Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio 398,000 views 10:23 ... More

how to make concealed tab top curtains

30/09/2015 · Everything you need to know about concealed tab top blockout curtains. For more info please visit ... More

how to make homemade french dressing

French Dressing is a classic salad dressing recipe made using tomato ketchup, white wine vinegar, granulated sugar and olive oil, you can enjoy this dressing with your favourite salad. ... More

how to make a mobile app using adobe air

Following up from his competition-winning tutorial, Akash explains how to use Adobe AIR to build a handy notes storage app. This is the first of three articles on building web-enabled desktop ... More

how to make delicious coffee

Want to learn how to make delicious coffee using coffee beans? Yes! Yes! At PurelyCoffeeBeans, learn how to buy the best coffee beans , make the best possible drinks from whatever machine or method you use, and enjoy yourselves, too! ... More

how to read expiration codes

Yes, every can of dip has an expiration date on it. Most expiration dates are about 6 months out. However, if you open the can, it will go bad before the expiration. Most expiration ... More

how to make peach sauce for babies

To serve, pour 1/4 cup peach puree on each plate, and use reserved peach slices (3 per plate) to make waves. Place a fish cake on each plate, and serve. Place a fish cake on each plate, and serve. Variations ... More

how to make good oven baked ribs

Oh boy. Talk about finger lickin good! Serious flavours, fall apart meat and though it takes time to cook, these Oven Baked Ribs are very fast to prepare and its all made in one pan, even the sauce! ... More

how to make a homemade belly binder

16/07/2010 · To make a homemade belly casting, don't go more than halfway around the midsection. Once the petroleum jelly has been applied, it's time to start making the actual belly mask. ... More

how to make lemon cupcakes from yellow cake mix

Trusted Results with Lemon cupcake yellow cake mix. - Recipes - Lemon Cupcakes. Make cupcakes from yellow cake mix as directed on box. Cook lemon pudding. ... More

how to make guacamole for tacos

Vegetables, sauces, cheese salsa and guacamole are also frequently part of the mix. Shell ; One of the most important aspects of the taco is the shell itself. Unlike fajitas and burritos, tacos typically come in smaller, almost bite-sized portions. Soft tacos are made using flour tortillas, while hard taco shells are made from corn. For the best of both worlds, our unique Stand 'N' Stuff ... More

how to make my boyfriend happy through text

Sweet things to text your boyfriend after an argument to make him smile and be happy. Things i can text to my sweet boyfriend to make him laugh? What are sweet things to say to my girl friend before she goes to bed? i need something long sweet and to put a smile on her face? Good morning love messages for girl after fallout. I would love to know if there is any ways to make kissing my ... More

how to make a user skin in war thunder mac

mac theme for windows 7 free download - Acer Windows 7 Theme, Windows 7 (Professional), Lightning Windows 7 Theme, and many more programs Navigation open search ... More

how to make a unique game

Some aspects of a game designers creation may also be eligible for a patent law, such as a unique game piece. Additionally, make certain that you are not in violation of someones intellectual property if you plan to use pre-existing characters or stories. ... More

how to make bat wings out of cardboard

31/01/2005 · Step 2 Cut out the template and place on top of the black cardboard. Draw around it, then cut out the shape. Step 3 Now gently bend the bat shape down the middle so its wings stand ... More

how to make spicy chicken wings elephant and castle dublin

17/10/2016 · The spicy chicken wings is a must try. It is the best I have tasted in my Dublin trip. The rest of the food are also quite decent. Remember to make reservations a … ... More

how to make your own hedbanz game

How to Learn Board Game Design and Development. by David Once you've done a few playtests on your own, you can bring in new people and see how they react. Playtesting board games is very similar to playtesting video games. First, always try to have the game set up and ready to go, before anyone shows up. Second, make sure you have a thorough and easy to understand explanation of ... More

how to put a purple filter over pics on indesign

An anonymous employee has today leaked every major feature of InDesign CS5, a full 12 days ahead of Adobe’s official announcement. While we cannot officially confirm or deny any of these, we will say that these features do seem plausible and match many of the features that InDesign … ... More

how to open 5s sim card

To find your IMEI on a USB modem, look under the SIM card. Device serial number (IMEI) Next. Some things you should know. To view information about unlocking including using your device overseas, charges and more, please read this article. Charges apply for unlocking some devices. If you experience difficulties, or to unlock your device with Vodafone Customer Support assistance, please contact ... More

how to play support lol season 7

Along with IP being converted, all runes purchased with IP before Season 7 are going to be turned into BE. With the new runes coming out and old ones going away, Riot has decided to compensate players who spent on them. ... More

how to make thumbs up symbol

A green thumbs up, or a red thumbs down, in cell C1, should make this pretty clear – so how do we do it? First of all, where do we get the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down symbols from? We can discover what symbols are available in different fonts by selecting Symbol from the Insert ribbon (this is on the far right of the standard Insert ribbon). ... More

how to run a promotional campaign on social media

Do you run influencer marketing campaigns? Wondering how to determine the ROI of your efforts? In this article, youll learn how to measure the results of your influencer marketing campaigns. ... More

how to make fluffy slime without

30/01/2018 How to Make Fluffy Slime Learning Videos 2018. Watch and Learn How to Make DIY Fluffy Slime Video. How to Fluffy Slime Quick and Easy Videos. How to Make Fluffy Slime without ... More

how to put videos back on gopro

When editing our videos its great to fast forward the drive into a property for the first time to see the landscape, culture and accommodation as a introduction to the ride video. GoPro wrist housing – This is an okay mount for a different angle when riding. ... More

how to make soda bottle hair

Lastly, you can put baking soda in your hair to make it less greasy, but it will take some time for the hair to become accustomed to this treatment. As time goes on, your hair will look and feel like silk. Until then, dont worry too much about the oil production. ... More

how to make mini brapel hook

Mithril grapple tips are used to make a mithril grapples which are used with Agility on objects such as Strong trees and Rocks, or even scale walls. ... More

how to respond to how are you indonesian

In response, Megawati created a counterterrorism unit called Densus (Detachment) 88 that, with U.S. and Australian assistance, has aggressively targeted militants ever since. ... More

how to open icloud pdf from android

You can restore backup data to your Android phone from iTunes and iCloud. Free Trial Free Trial > How to > Android > 3 Ways to on How to Transfer PDF to Android. 3 Ways to on How to Transfer PDF to Android. By Brian Fisher Dec 26,2017 20:46 pm. PDF files have become very popular and many people need to transfer files from one device to another (especially smartphones) so as to … ... More

how to make your own whole grain bread

24/02/2014 · B aking bread when I was growing up meant first slipping down to the basement larder and grinding the grain. The machine was absolutely deafening, but I loved the smell of freshly milled flour and the way it floated down to form miniature snowy mountains in my bucket. ... More

how to make easy chocolate cake at home in hindi

Description wallpaper for How To Make Easy Chocolate Cake At Home In Hindi. Title: How To Make Easy Chocolate Cake At Home In Hindi; Author: administrator ... More

how to make a reflection paper about a movie

It could be drawn from the entire reflection paper by observing the success of the writer to meet the solutions of the problems and describing the importance of that movie or other work upon which a reflection paper is being written by the students. ... More

how to make a superhero dresser

Acest pin a fost descoperit de The Mad Batter. Descoperă (și salvează!) Pinuri pe Pinterest! ... More

how to make someone forget

28/10/2009 · How can i easily use conversational hypnosis to make someone forget their name? I realy want to know how i can do this. I've read up on hypnosis, convert hypnosis etc. so i know how 2 use it well. Anyone got conversational hypnosis scripts i could use? Update: 15-30 seconds. Update 2: ONly for them to forget 4 about 2- 5 mins. 1 following . 7 answers 7. Report Abuse. Are you sure that you … ... More

how to make apple script move your mouse around

6/12/2004 · Create a category, make a post, join the fun! How can I keep my mouse moving without me? Not sure if they're still about on the web, but back in the day AllAdvantage toolbar required you to move your mouse to "show" you were using the computer so they could pay you (yes, it was stupid. yes, they're totally bust now.) I heard no end of stories of people making mouse moving applications to ... More

how to ride a camel on the dunes

The Camel Ride of Dunes & Desert ! Our ride is thus carried by dromedary (not camel), but in English both Word are accepted !! You will walk for about 2 hours in the back to enjoy the beauty of the desert landscape around the famous city of Marrakech. ... More

how to make undhiyu in hindi

गुजराती स्वाद का मतलब एक ऐसा ज़ायका जो आपके मुंह में मसालों का स्वाद और साथ में एक मीठा एहसास दे जाता है । उंधियू सब्जियां कुछ अलग ... More

how to make grass seed

21/08/2015 · Category People & Blogs; Song Bangarang (feat. Sirah) Artist Skrillex; Album Bangarang EP; Licensed to YouTube by WMG (on behalf of Big Beat Records); UMPI, Sony ATV Publishing, UBEM ... More

pes anserine bursitis how to say

Pes Anserine Bursitis Definition. Pes Anserine Bursitis (PAB) is a condition of the knee in which the fluid-filled bursa in the conjoined insertion of the three hamstring muscles gets inflamed causing pain. ... More

how to make a 3d hot air balloon cake topper

Free printable summer cupcake toppers. Follow Muse's board Cupcake Toppers at on Pinterest. ... More

how to make a cat in the hat cake

21/08/2011 This is one of our favorite cakes to make. It was fun making this cake, which is inspired by Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat and Thing 1, Thing 2. Since the birthday celebrant is turning one, we (with our client's permission) used only Thing 1 as the topper. ... More

how to make an enderman farm in minecraft xbox

12/01/2015 This is a awesome XP farm and you get XP really fast. You also get tons and I mean tons of ender pearls in the minutes I had over 3 full stack of stacks of them. I made it in the xbox ... More

how to run g2.dat

Before you run this program you must be able to open rct2 by double clicking on the sv6. -If you are using openrct2 , make sure that double clicking on the sv6 will open openrct2 . -If you are using vanilla , make sure you have the cd inserted before you run the program . ... More

how to open kv_dec

Basho, the creator of the world’s most resilient databases, is dedicated to developing disruptive technology that simplifies enterprises’ most critical distributed systems data management challenges. ... More

how to play region restricted videos youtube

This is a special web-based proxy designed specifically for YouTube in order to support its entire list of features such as liking/disliking videos, commenting/replying, subscribing, uploading, watch history, etc. ... More

how to make pineapple bread pudding

Related of Pineapple Bread Pudding Recipe: 284 Amazing Rice Recipes - How To Cook Perfect … Paella, Rice Pudding, Fried Rice, Pilaf, Souffle and every other decadent rice dish imaginable plus some unusual ones are all featured in easy-to-read recipes. … ... More

how to read a tape measure fast

Sliding lock. Sliding end hook for true zero measurements. Groove for measuring on string or wire. Nail slot for drawing circles ... More

how to open red wine bottle without opener

There are plenty of ways to open a nice bottle of wine, but they all involve the avoidable decision to finish the bottle (or risk the weird-tasting leftovers). We can do better than this, people ... More

how to make mail gauntlets with padded

Padded seats tend to have more padding than used at any given time. This pushes the other 'extra' padding into the soft tissues. This causes numbness and discomfort over time. This pushes the other 'extra' padding into the soft tissues. ... More

how to make a simple nutella milkshake

We will obviously need nutella for this simple nutella milkshake recipe. Some chilled milk. Please remember to add chilled milk and not room temperature milk as that will ruin the taste. ... More

how to make diy invitations look professional

Easy diy instructions for how to make invitations using a heavyweight background card, printable overlay and embellishments for a unique, professional result. The layered invitations consist of a heavyweight background card pre-cut to the correct size to fit in the envelopes and standard (easy to print) 8.5x11 overlay made for ink jets, lasers and copiers. Using the free word processing ... More

how to run a 32bit library in 64bit mode

How to run 32Bit Perl application on 64Bit Server Recently we moved to a new server which runs 64-bit Ubuntu. Old application uses pack/unpack functions and bitwise operations and now it fails because bitwise operations return 64-bit integers instead of 32-bit. ... More

how to make lip primer

diy makeup primer recipe's only for you. stop using those chemical based primers and make your own all natural face primer at home in just 15 minutes. #face #primer . Read it. DIY Makeup Primer :2 Very Easy Recipes. diy makeup primer recipes only for you. stop using those chemical based primers - Diy Makeup. Diy Makeup Primer Diy Face Primer Best Face Primer Easy Diy Makeup Diy Beauty ... More

how to make satay sauce with peanuts

Satay sauce, is very popular in Southeast Asia, that contains my favourite crunchy peanuts. It perfectly goes with grilled chicken. Lucky me, I’ve eaten traditional satay in some Malaysian restaurants many times here in Australia, that are run by Malaysian migrants. ... More

how to measure the success of a strategic plan

Success is a difficult thing to measure for most organizations when it comes to compensation issues. And because of that, they don’t know where to begin in evaluating what alterations or improvements need to be made in their pay strategy or structure. ... More

how to make a survey on instagram

How to Create a Survey for Customers First, choose a service for creating your survey. There are a handful of solid options, including Wufoo , Survey Monkey , Google Surveys , and Typeform . ... More

how to make squad jump harder

Jump to section: How to Setup Co-op From now on, whenever you start up Monster Hunter World, start a Squad Session to make it easier to locate your friends. At this point, you will be able to ... More

how to make musical instruments from waste material

Make sure one end of this piece is blocked by the fibrous material in between the sections of the bamboo. Mark a spot at a distance of 1" from the blocked end of the bamboo. Mark the next spot at a distance of 6" from the first one, and five more, spaced at intervals of 1" from each other. Next, use the steel rod to burn the fibrous material, by heating one end of the rod and inserting it into ... More

how to make deep fried chicken wontons

Deep fried wontons can have any surprises tucked inside the middle. Whether you're enjoying a crab rangoon or spiced chicken, be sure to include these crispy banana treats along with your meal. ... More

how to make a reboot disk for windows 7

5/04/2013 · Sorry for the poor quality of this video. How to reboot your pc without having to use a CD for windows 7 Music provided by - ... More

how to open ponds hydro revital aqua collagen gel

Revital Shower Gel 200ml Regeneračný a vyživujúci sprchový gél s receptúrou založenou na formule Biopeptide Complex a Nutrivi vody. Vyvážené pôsobenie prírodných peptidov, oleja z orieškov macadamia a morských minerálov stimuluje mikrocirkuláciu, zaisťuje pokožke primeranú hydratáciu, hĺbkovo ju vyživuje a spevňuje. ... More

how to properly make out

11/01/2016 tODAY i teach u how to make out with ur husband if u have one. Follow all my things Twitter - Facebook - ... More

how to play the choking game what do you do

The song is about over development; how we're building skyscrapers, new tech industries, pumping gas, destroying the world and not thinking about where the children play. Where do the children play? If we develop and dig holes to find gas and put pollution in the air and destroy the outside world ... More

hammer editor how to make a 3d skybox

22/01/2006 · Create a box encasing your whole map with the skybox texture. Once you have a 3d box encasing your whole map select the box with the sky brush you just made and press CTRL + H and in the textbox that comes up type in the number 12 (the default number is 32) this will make your box hollow. ... More

how to make your hair a bit lighter

If you have dyed your hair any shade of red or purple, for example, make sure that all of this is out of your hair before you proceed. The best point to start from is ... More

how to make snowball syrup

19/01/2012 Kool Aid Snow Cones How to Make Homemade Snow Cones with Kool Aid Syrup - Duration: 5:53. FunFoods 38,309 views ... More

how to prepare salsa at home

Nothing can compete with the satisfying crunch of a tortilla chip than perhaps a tortilla chip after you marinate it in your favorite dip. There are so many different dips out there that it is impossible to have just one to have at your party or get-together. ... More

how to make a homemade table saw

DIY Table Saw Workstation Part 2 - Rip Fence Arguably the most important accessory to a table saw is the rip fence. Which is why I decided to take care of this project early in my list of table saw workstation … ... More

how to make a froe

Product Description. The Gränsfors Froe is used to split wood very finely, for example when making shingles for a roof. The wood to be split is placed under the edge. ... More

how to make stickers without sticker paper

Moreover, here are steps that you need to follow to make WhatsApp Stickers from your own pictures. To conclude there are only three steps. One is to import the photo, second to remove the background and the third is to use the edited photo as WhatsApp sticker. ... More

how to put in a pool with no backyard access

25/07/2015 My build had a very narrow access also. They barely got the mini-bobcat in, had to take off the top of it to fit. One of the biggest delays in my build was the bob cat would scoop the dirt into wheel barrows, they had 2 guys back and forth from the front yard pushing wheel barrows of dirt. ... More

how to make ask fm

9/10/2018 wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it ... More

how to make a rosary out of balloons

How To Make An All-Twine Knotted Rosary - Rosary Army - - perfect time to pin in honor of St. Dominic who did so much to promote the rosary - such an incredible prayer! I normally make a smaller version of these which require a special tool to do - DIY ... More

how to make a macron

24/03/2011 · Dear friends. I have two problems: 1- How to make a macron to be at the top of a letter automatically. 2- I have some new Latin combined letters that I … ... More

how to play mr bean on piano

Mr Bean Animated Series Theme - Piano Tutorial - How to play Mr Bean theme ... More

how to make aerosol spray

In some aerosol cans, this action helps to atomize the product, forming an extremely fine spray. In other designs, the evaporating propellant forms bubbles in the product, creating a foam. The In other designs, the evaporating propellant forms bubbles in the product, creating a foam. ... More

how to make big dosh in little dosh time

‘If you make a lewd amount of dosh, you deserve it.’ ‘Any extra dosh makes us more miserable than ever.’ ‘If your tenant wants to leave, make sure you have already taken that crucial six weeks' dosh … ... More

how to make wire mesh bird cage

Wire mesh can be used in making outdoor cages -- use 1/2" x 1/2" mesh wire or 1/2" x 1" mesh wire stapled to a 2' x 2' lumber frame. Use natural tree branches for perches since dowels are not good for the starling's feet. Important: outdoor cages should have 1/2" x 1/2" hardware mesh in the bottom, or should be placed on concrete or brick. This will make the cage safer from predators. Click ... More

how to make homemade hummus with tahini

12/05/2010 · To make Roasted Red Pepper flavored hummus, simply add one to two roasted red pepper to a batch of plain Homemade Hummus and process until smooth. Make sure most of the liquid from the jar is drained from the pepper before adding it to the processor to avoid thinning out the hummus too much. This hummus tastes great with a little smoked paprika added to the mix! ... More

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how to read ultimate guitar chords

This page contains various guitar chord charts for the most popular chords going from beginner chords to more advanced guitar chords. All charts are printable: right click on a guitar chord chart an select 'Print Picture...'. The ultimate guitar chord chart is …

how to prepare for an oral presentation

Steps for Planning and Preparing an Effective Oral Presentation 1. Determine the overall purpose There are many reasons for giving a presentation including to inform, educate,

how to plan a renovation budget

Budget for a couple of months of permitting and planning and at least a 30% delay in construction time. So if your construction is supposed to run three months, assume itll go four or more

how to make creamy fish sauce

1/12/2013 Melt half the butter in a large non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat. Season fish with salt and pepper. Cook fish for 3 to 4 minutes each side or until just

how to play sound of silence on guitar

5/08/2015 · Some days ago I recorded my arrangement of The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. I played it on a steelstring guitar with 14 frets to the body and a cutaway. I needed those features to reach the high notes. But I sometimes receive questions from people that don’t have a guitar with a cutaway or play on a classical guitar with only 12 frets to the body how to play these high …

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Ontario: Stanleydale ON, Palm Beach ON, Manitouwadge ON, Eabametoong First Nation, Sweets Corners, Haldimand County, Ontario ON, Armstrong, Thunder Bay District ON, Ramsayville ON, ON Canada, M7A 4L6

Nunavut: Tree River NU, Charlton Island Depot NU, NU Canada, X0A 3H2

England: Burnley ENG, Sittingbourne ENG, Gateshead ENG, Solihull ENG, Crawley ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 4A1

Northern Ireland: Belfast NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Belfast NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 2H8

Scotland: Hamilton SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, Paisley SCO, Aberdeen SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 3B9

Wales: Newport WAL, Wrexham WAL, Neath WAL, Neath WAL, Wrexham WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 3D8