Gesa Wedding

Meet Dylan and Julie. They are about to start their lives together. Through the help of their families, friends, and Gesa Credit Union – they are set to embark on a journey of fulfillment and exciting new adventures. See their story unfold and learn how smart financial decisions have empowered them to have the wedding of their dreams.

Meet the Families

  • Dylan Johnson
    Dylan Johnson
  • Julie Alvarez
    Julie Alvarez
  • Victor Alvarez
    Victor Alvarez
  • Melissa Alvarez
    Melissa Alvarez
  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson
  • Katie Johnson
    Katie Johnson
  • Kevin Turner
    Kevin Turner
Dylan Johnson

Dylan Johnson

Gesa Member Since 1985 Age: 28

Dylan Johnson has been a lifelong member of Gesa Credit Union, his grandfather having opened an account in his name soon after his birth. Gesa has been a part of the lives of everyone in the Johnson family, as Dylan’s grandfather was one of the original members of GESA Federal Credit Union in 1953. He met his girlfriend, Julie Alvarez, while attending the University of Washington where he studied Biochemistry. He’s now employed at the Hanford-area, and enjoys spending time with his friends, family and, of course, Julie.

Dylan in his own words...
  1. Suit & Tie Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z
  2. Carry On fun
  3. I Will Wait Mumford & Sons


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Some people say I look like the 'Twilight' guy...

Asking Dad

Asking for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage is stressful enough. But it can be much easier when you know you can provide a stable, happy life for her – starting with your first home or car. Gesa offers dependable, personalized assistance whether purchasing your first home or refinancing your current high-interest auto loan.

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The Ring

Whether you are buying an engagement ring or just shopping at the mall, there is peace of mind knowing you can access your money through the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. With GesaMobile, you have the convenience of accessing all of your account balances and transferring funds all at your fingertips.

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The Proposal

Gesa has helped countless members provide financial security and confidence. Feel secure in your future, whatever it may be, knowing that Gesa is there for you. From savings, to financing, to investments.

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The Dress

Making a purchase is much more special when you can earn rewards back for purchases like vacations, gift cards, or major events – like a wedding. Gesa offers a variety of credit card options that are suited for your spending needs, while providing you with added security if lost or stolen.

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Rehearsal Dinner

Financial stability and flexibility can help you plan for the future, ensuring your family has the freedom to enjoy the many things life has to offer. Gesa provides several options for protecting your money and saving for retirement, emergencies, or a second honeymoon.

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The Wedding

From our earliest days, starting in 1953 – we have been dedicated to the credit union principle of "people helping people." Gesa has seen members through weddings, new careers, births, retirements, special occasions, and so much more. Every member is unique and valued. Your story is special and Gesa will bring you the financial freedom to ENJOY THE GOOD LIFE.

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